Our Courses

Ilana Cowland

Dating and Relationships

This course is relevant and current because it answers your questions on dating and relationships. How do I know if I'm ready, how do I know what to look for, am I being too picky, is this the one?

Menachem Nissel

Online Chaburah: Meseches Shabbos

Dr. Bruce Rabin

Dr. Rabin Stress Program

Rabbi Avraham Trugman

Secrets of the Hebrew Alphabet

Learn the deeper meaning behind each of the Hebrew letters.

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Sosevsky

At the Crossroads: An Introduction to Sefer Shmuel

Enhance your Rosh Hashanah with this introduction to Sefer Shmuel. Join Rabbi Sosevsky as he uncovers the mystery around Elkanah, Hannah's husband.

Rabbi Steven Weil

The Fascinating World of the Yom Kippur Machzor

An analysis and discussion of a number of critical themes and prayers that are dealt with in the Yom Kippur Machzor.

Esther Wein

Judaism Take 2

Gain the knowledge and inspiration that will allow you to breathe new life into your judaism. This course will not just fill in the gaps between your early education and your adult life.

Pinchas Winston

Reincarnation Again

Do we simply live and die, or is there something else? If yes, then what, and how should it make a difference to us in the here-and-now? This course answer these important questions and many others guaranteed to help you achieve personal fulfillment.

Pinchas Winston

Be Positive

Take control of your life and and increase the chances of getting what you want.

David Green

Seven Steps to Realizing Your Potential

Transform your life and relationships by finding and connecting to your inner essence.

Pinchas Winston

Fundamentals of Reincarnation

50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME! Not only does Judaism accept the concept of reincarnation, but it understands how, in detail, it is an integral part of personal rectification and completion.

Rabbi Steven Weil

Ethical Dilemmas in the Bible

David and Bathsheba, slavery, charging interest etc. There are many stories and laws presented in the Bible that are seemingly problematic. How does Judaism reconcile these dilemmas?