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Dr. Bruce Rabin

Dr. Bruce Rabin, is Emeritus Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Rabin joined the University of Pittsburgh in 1972 before retiring in 2017. He was Professor of Pathology and Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh and Medical Director of the Division of Clinical Immunopathology and the Healthy Lifestyle Program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.Dr. Rabin has dedicated his professional life to understanding the immune system and the factors which influence it. He discovered early on that stress a variable in every person’s life – exerts a profound influence on the human immune system and health. And, from that point forward, his work focused on the effects of stress and the pathways of communication between the brain and the immune system the mind/body connection.Equally important to his research, he has been instrumental in moving science and research to real-world application by developing programs designed to help people identify, learn and adhere to behaviors that will maintain their wellness and lower their risk of developing serious and potentially life-threatening conditions and diseases.With a career that has spanned 45 years, Dr. Rabin’s work is widely referenced – from the scientific community to national news to local health care articles; he has been sought out to serve on a number of government panels to advance awareness and promote research in mind-body medicine. His research has yielded more than 300 publications, and his research laboratory has trained over 50 young scientists who are making their own contributions to medicine which he once described as his single-most significant accomplishment.In 2002, Dr. Rabin was recognized by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette as someone who is making a difference in western Pennsylvania. In 2003, he was honored by the Pittsburgh Business Times as a Health Care Hero. As a result of his work, people of all ages, socioeconomic levels, educational backgrounds and lifestyle are learning more about how to more effectively cope with the stress in their lives; new approaches to disease have been understood; mind-body connections are more widely and universally recognized; and innovative approaches to health care management have emerged.

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    Managing Stress

    • Understanding Stress and Managing It for Better Mental and Physical Health