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Do you feel that you are too passive when it comes to the events unfolding in your life?

It is no secret that what we think impacts our direction in life. Studies have been done that prove how positive thinking greatly increases a person’s chances of success, and how negative thinking leads to failure. Not only this, but health too is affected by attitude in life. Positive thinking heals a person and negative thinking increases a person’s chances of illness and hampers recovery.

Though many people sense there is something mystical about all of this, they may not know just how much. In fact, the idea is quite Kabbalistic, and understanding how and what this means greatly empowers a person to increase his or her level of success and happiness in life. “Be Positive” is certainly more than just a blood type. It is a way of life whose very root is built into the very fabric of Creation.

Learn how to use into the energy of the universe to take control of your life and and increase the chances of getting what you want.

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Rabbi, International Writer and Lecturer

Pinchas Winston

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Pinchas Winston moved to Israel in 1993. With a background in graphic design, he was originally on track to become an architect. Taking a break from university in 1981, he traveled to a yeshivah in Jerusalem in pursuit of a deeper and more philosophical understanding of life and history, one of his favorite topics. He never looked back, and after years of studying, he received rabbinic ordination in 1988, after which he began to teach, write, and lecture internationally. Rabbi Winston is the author of over 55 books on various topics of Jewish philosophy. This includes an English translation of the classic work, "Sha'ar HaGilgulim," or "Gate of Reincarnations," by the famed Kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, or the "Arizal." Most of the titles can be found in different formats in his online bookstore at his site Winston, since 1993, has been the author of "Perceptions," an insightful essay on the weekly Torah reading ( He has also published countless other essays on various different topics of interest, including unique Torah perspectives on current events. He is well known for presenting mystical and often complicated Torah ideas in a lucid and accessible manner, even for the student of little Torah background.

Course curriculum

  • 3

    My Shadow

    • My Shadow Audio

    • Shadow PDF

  • 4

    Trust Me

    • Trust Me Audio

    • Trust Me PDF

  • 5

    Will Power

    • Will Power Audio

    • Will Power PDF

  • 6

    Can Do

    • Can Do Audio

    • Can Do PDF

  • 7

    The Missing Link

    • The Missing Link Audio

    • The Missing Link PDF

  • 8

    Wall of Anger

    • Wall of Anger Audio

    • Wall of Anger PDF

  • 9

    Acting Like Yesod

    • Acting Like Yesod Audio

    • Act Like Yesod PDF

  • 10

    The Role of Prayer

    • The Role of Prayer Audio

    • The Role of Prayer PDF

  • 11


    • Momentum Audio

    • Momentum PDF

  • 12

    Head First

    • Head First Audio

    • Head First PDF

  • 13

    After The Fact

    • After the Fact Audio

    • After the Fact PDF

  • 14


    • Summary Audio

    • Summary PDF

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