Music and Spirituality

Tzvi Gluckin

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Tzvi Gluckin
Tzvi Gluckin
Totally awesome guitar player

About the Instructor

Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin is a Jewish author, speaker, and musician. A graduate of the Berkely School of Music, he lectures regularly on college campuses in the United States, Israel, and Canada. He has written four books on different topics including spirituality, music, and campus recruitment. He currently serves as the director of Vechulai, an innovative Jewish think tank based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Music transcends all frameworks of religion, culture and even genre. Both music and spirituality do not need to be defined as separate, they are in fact of the same essence.

Music is spiritual - find out how. Learn about the power of the intuitive experience in music; the link between music, sexuality, drugs, and spirituality; the role of music in meditation and prayer; music as a universal language; and so much more.

Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin rocks out some tunes while explaining music and spirituality and how the secret of funk can transcend borders. This fun and entertaining talk is full insight, laughs, and you guessed it….music.

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