Judaism Take 2

Become the you, you were meant to be | Esther Wein

Course Description

Gain the knowledge, understanding and inspiration that will allow you to breathe new life into your Judaism.  

This course will not just fill in the gaps between your early education and your adult life, but it will leave you with a sophisticated understanding of Yahadut and how these Torah ideas speak to today's challenges.  You will learn many new ideas and their sources and be able to apply them to your life.

The knowledge you gain will totally shift your perspective, adding depth to your understanding and filling you with the drive to transform yourself, your family, your community and your nation.

Some of the topics we will be addressing in this course:

• Not seeing the hand of Hashem means we are closer instead of further
than our ancestors.
• Moving beyond a child’s relationship with Hashem.

• Am Yisrael is here for the human race.
• Self Discovery: We are not meant to be homogeneous, find confidence
in your individuality.

• Developing oneself is the truest way of emulating Hashem’s Chessed.
• Chayecha Kodmin: Juggling legitimate competing demands.

• What actually is Bechira? What is Hashgacha?  
Sorting thru our thoughts and choices.
• The crime of believing conventional thinking.

• Genders: She Lo Asani Isha, Me Too, and other trigger topics.
• Being a man: Our strengths and weaknesses.

• Stop trying to “keep Hashem happy”: Moshe, Iyov and the big question.

• In the battlefield of Tzaddik V’ra Lo

Please note that if your are involved in Jewish education or outreach,  you are  entitled to a substantial financial discount. Other scholarships are also  available. Please  contact us at judaismtake2@gmail.com

All proceeds go to Tzedaka.